Sunday, April 13, 2014

Problems with memory card on Garmin GPSes

I recently had a problem with a Garmin GPS (GPSMAP 60CSx) that crashed each time I updated the memory card with maps on my MAC. The root cause of the problem lies with the Mac writing some hidden folders into the memory card. It's some MAC metadata (._DS_Store, _.AppDouble, .Folders.)

The best solution I have found (except using a Windows based computer) is a small tool called BlueHarvest that removes these folders for you.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to install Duplicity on CentOS

Duplicity is a command line tool to back up your critical data. I don’t intend to explain how to use this tool here but just how to install it in three simple steps on CentOS 6.

First you’ll have to conncet to EPEL:

yum -y install

Then you have to install some dependencies.

yum install gcc librsync-devel python-devel python-lockfile wget

When this is done you can download the source file from the homepage, extract it and install it.

wget source.tar.gz tar xzf source.tar.gz cd to-new-dir ./ install

And you are done.


OIDs for FortiOS 5

A few years ago I wrote a note about OIDs on FortiOS 3. Fortinet have changed their MIBs so here are the values that can be used to do SNMP monitoring on FortiOS 5.

Speed gauge

Here are the updated values:

CPU load .
Memory usage .
Number of current sessions .
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