Thursday, March 22, 2007

Music stocks compared

This article was updated on march 25. 2007 with a few more options in the comparison guide and the definition of price.

This article is an comparison guide between the different music stock options that I have looked into. I do not look at the quality of the music, but their prices and licenses as I believe they are more important to choose a starting point in the quest for music you can distribute.

Prices are for use on small websites or other small projects. Usually I have printed the lowest price for a complete track. Some offers part of tracks for a lower price.

music notes

Site Price
pr. song
# copies
Opuzz 29.99 none Good price for albums of music - US$59. But read the fine print - no discount for "download only" purchases!
Stock-music 29.95 5000 You can buy their entire stock for US$199.
Stockmusic 29.95 none Albums available for US$99.95 and 10 songs for US$199.95.
Royalty Free Music 59.95
Subscription available.
5000 Albums available for US$99.95. Varies a little, average 30 5000 Albums available for US$99.95.
Smart Sound 99.95 none Discounts available.
Soundrangers 49.95 none Clips available for lower prices. Very good choices of sound effects.
all music library 12.95 none  
Proud Music €59.50 1000 Expensive. I am not impressed by the music either...
Music Tracks Library Varies a litte, average is 19.90 1000  


Anonymous said...

You may want to include which lists 6 volumes for sale and which you may use forever-unless you want web access.

Anonymous said...

You should try out musicfox. It is in German, but, the music-titles provided are amazing.